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The Daisy Duke Cannabis strain is a rare Indica dominate hybrid exclusive to BC Bud 420! Created by crossing the famous Duke Nukem strain with a secret flower, we get this amazing bud!


Try the Daisy Duke strain today and write us a review / description for it, we’ll hook you up!


We have only the freshest, top shelf marijuana flowers. This cannabis bud (Weed) is grown in the Fraser Valley of BC with love and dedication. We keep them from being handled too much, or from drying out. Ensuring the freshest and highest quality bud for your 4:20 celebrations, or any other need, medical or otherwise.


Our BC bud is the best and our growers are exclusive. Buy Daisy Duke bud and other marijuana/cannabis products from us to ensure you get the highest quality and highest stone. We only sell the best so you can forget the rest Buy Daisy Duke Bud Online Now


1/8 (3.6G), 1/4 (7G), 1/2 (14G), OZ.


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