Kolab Project – 232 Series ICC Live Terpene Sticks – Indica – 3×0.5g


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This Kolab Project 232 Live Terpene Stick is an exercise in otherworldly quality that reflects an obsession with excellence. The stick starts with premium bud, which is then tossed in a proprietary collision extraction process, before being combined with potent terp sauce to hit high potencies and total terpene content of around 4%. The aroma and tasting notes bring to mind a vanilla sweetness. Through proprietary processes, this product pushes the boundaries of cannabis innovation to create a consistent, new-to-world product. Brace for impact, we’ll see you on the other side. 232°C is the mid-range temperature at which most terpenes boil without burning, maximizing the flavour profile and natural expression of the plant through balanced, consistent heat activation. We use 232 as a shorthand to define excellence, and intention; 232 is the broad spectrum of cannabis potential, actualized. The Cutting Edge of Ancient Technology.